* in February 2020 – on Main Ethereum Network 

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2 Things:
  1. Innovation in online adult entertainment by making video ownership and adoption available (via ERC721, Ethereum Protocol) for the surfer: For him to profit from the content produced by someone else and share the earnings with the viewer and the content´s original producer. Thus: Original Content and its profit would be shared fair and like never before done.
  2. Original Content Owner is almost never appreciated or rewarded by others or any system (except getting a few “thanks” or “wow´s” on forums, maybe at most). In an open, decentralized, blockchain and its available technologies used for serving, protecting and sharing the content would also bring its economics into it, natively. Thus: Original Content and its owner would be appreciated by its users, downloaders, viewers, if wanted anonymously. An ERC20 Token used in this system which would be exchanged easily with Bitcoin and or FIAT Money would bring the content owner finally appreciation he or she deserves in a “solid” matter.
What is this?
An ERC20 Crypto Currency Token on Main Ethereum Network named WhiteWhale NETWORK Token with Symbol “WWTN” and limited, fixed supply and a wide Network of sites and places, people and companies to feed and benefit from its ecosystem.
Supply will surely be fixed. Token shares of Team, Partners and who is involved from the core will be nested and will NOT be used or sold until 2022
All used tokens in the Network sites will be burned until 2023

White Paper / Technical and Legal Details, Team and other information would be added, soon.